Eggcrate Grille

Eggcrate Grille

The Eggcrate Grille is the most commonly used in ceiling mounted return air applications, they are not suitable for floor mounting. The grilles have extruded aluminium frames with a 13mm x 13mm x 13mm aluminium egg crate core. The standard inner core is removable with options to order either a “push up” type or alternatively a “pull down” type. Hinged models are available as standard and provide easy access to filters or other equipment. There is a spring retaining clip for easy fixing.

The free area of the grille is >90% of the nominal area, providing maximum air flow with relatively low noise levels. The standard finish is in white powdercoat.

Air Filtration: A filter is offered as a standard option in removable core grilles. This filter is easily removed for cleaning, easy access or replacement. The filter media is manufactured in a synthetic nonwoven material. It offers low air resistance, long life and satisfactory dust extraction efficiency.

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