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Smoke Visualisation Video

The video shows six Bradflo products each discharging air in a temperature controlled test room under isothermal conditions. In sequence we see the air discharge path from a Linear bar grille 0┬░, Linear bar grille 15┬░, Double deflection grille, Directional diffuser (4-way) and finally the collision air stream between two High Volume swirl diffusers. Smoke was used to visualise the direction and air movement flow patterns. Lines overlay the footage to highlight the air streams and collision points.

Thermal Environment Test Laboratory

The lab has capability to assess many types of air terminal devices. For a specific air volume flow, air distribution and temperature a draught rating can be determined for human comfort; standard ISO7730. The lab uses a smoke machine to provide a initial visual assessment of the flow conditions. This setup can be used to accurately determine air terminal velocities or collision points for multiple devices. The test room was principally designed to validate chilled beam air conditioning performance with an emphasis on reducing energy consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in commercial buildings. An office environment based on the prescribed occupant, equipment fitout and thermal wall heat loads can be simulated. The lab software system provides accurate temperature and flow control of circulated water and supply air. A BMS system logs all power consumption and provides continuous data logging capability of measurements from precision sensors including air velocity, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Thermal Environment Test Laboratory image