High Volume Swirl Diffuser

High Volume Swirl Diffuser

The High Volume Swirl Diffuser provides a uniform radial pattern of air across the ceiling to provide a good temperature distribution with minimal draughts in the occupied zones. The design ensures comfort can be maintained across a broad range of flow rates.

It is designed to be either flush ceiling mounted in a grid section or plasterboard mounted. The plenum is fitted with an internal diffuser plate to improve the pressure distribution. The diffuser is secured by a single centre screw and hidden from view behind a push-on decorative cap.

For lower flow rates, restriction rings (#1 to 5) are available for the PHVSD595-500 and aesthetically hides inside the neck behind diffuser face. Square or round face swirl diffusers are available with size details on the next page.

The standard finish is a white (RAL9016) powder-coat but other colours are available.

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